Verdens bedste møbelbrands samlet i én butik

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Cereal Volume 20


The Tall Flower Vase is a sculptural vase and the first piece in the collection. It is a very elegant vase with its tall and slender neck that forms into a flower head at the top. The clay used for this piece is a stoneware clay added medium divided firesand and crushed bricks of 2-5 mm for a very rough textured surface. It has a matte surface and is raw and unglazed. The stoneware naturally fires to a warm tone of cream on a medium burning curve at a high temperature. The Tall Flower Vase also comes in brown in a slightly rounder look and medium rough surface. It can be used for minimal floral arranging or as a sculptural element for the home, with its distinctive yet soft silhouette. Each piece is carefully created by hand with precision and personality and is a unique one of a kind.

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